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  • ​Feel Confident In Your New Role
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  • Stop Blaming Yourself
  • Become a Team With Your Partner
  • Break Free From Guilt and Embarrassment
  • ​Discover Ways to be Less Irritable and Angry


Postpartum Wellness offers expert maternal mental health services, as our therapists provide supportive and evidence-based approaches to treating emotional struggles during your motherhood journey.  Led by Dr. Rosalie Zuniga, DSW, the group practice takes an individualized approach to counseling.  The therapists at Postpartum Wellness offer an unparalleled level of service to their clients.

Dr. Zuniga and the team of clinicians see women and couples throughout Maryland, Virginia, Washington, DC, Florida, and Texas.  Postpartum Wellness offers specialized mental health treatment, including multiple therapy modalities.  For expert care, reach out to Postpartum Wellness today!


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