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Brenda Cartwright is the Front Desk Manager at Postpartum Wellness

Brenda Cartwright
Practice Manager

Phone:  (703) 772-5097, ext. 109





Brenda Cartwright is a Human Relations specialist with over a decade of
successful experience in employee management. Her ability to motivate
and encourage those around her is contagious, and her excellent interpersonal skills have endeared her to both employers and co-workers throughout her career.

A strong believer in developing gifts and talents in others, Brenda
specializes in training and developing employees. She is also an expert in
planning and overseeing major projects.
Brenda’s past experiences in Accounts Receivable at the Ritz Carton in Westchester, New York; her supervisory positions at the Marriott Marquis San Diego Marina and the San Diego Marriott Mission Valley, and her management position with the Neighborhood House Association in San Diego, California are testaments to the aforementioned skills.

Brenda’s ability to motivate and encourage those around her is contagious.
Brenda is married. She has a daughter, a son-in-law, and four beautiful granddaughters.  She is also a published author.




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