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You want me to go to a support group?

You want me to go to a support group?

Support groups are powerful!


We routinely recommend pregnancy and postpartum support groups to moms who are dealing with emotional struggles related to motherhood. There are great support groups throughout Northern Virginia. Here are a few benefits from participation in support groups:

  1. You are not alone

You are not the only mom struggling with your new role. It is very easy to think that your problems are only specific to you and your situation. When you go to a support group, you will be surprised to find that other mothers have similar experiences. Depression and anxiety during pregnancy or postpartum is very common.

  1. Unbottle your feelings

Once you realize you’re not alone, it will be easier to share your feelings and thoughts about motherhood. It is extremely healing to verbalize your thoughts in a nonjudgmental environment.

  1. Gain knowledge

Other mothers will share their strategies that helped them through tough situations. The pregnancy or postpartum group facilitator might even focus on teaching specific coping techniques. Many groups will provide recommendations for books, podcasts, and websites.

  1. Social support

When we don’t feel like ourselves, this usually leads to withdrawal from social events. Support groups are safe environments to become comfortable with other people again.

  1. Hope

It feels amazing to see other mothers in the group that have overcome their earlier pregnancy or postpartum challenges. When you attend a support group, it will be very apparent that some mothers have made great strides toward motherhood happiness. You will see what is possible.

  1. Self-awareness

Once you begin to utilize effective coping techniques, you will also learn about yourself, your needs, and wants. This insight will help you move toward your goals.

  1. The Price is Right

Most pregnancy and postpartum support groups are FREE!

All we ask is to give a support group a try. By committing to a few meetings, it will give you a chance to relax and feel comfortable in a new group. Learn new coping techniques and soak up all the information. Once you feel ready, share your story, fears, and successes.

Your recovery plan must include attendance at a support group. We can help you identify a support group anywhere in the Washington, DC region. Babies are welcome.

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