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What Is EMDR?

What Is EMDR?

EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) is an effective and evidence-based counseling practice to treat symptoms of trauma and post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). It has been used all over the world for many years to help clients heal from a variety of troubling conditions and problems. EMDR is used at Postpartum Wellness as an adjunct to psychotherapeutic treatment to address many of life’s disabling problems, emotions and thoughts.

What Problems are Helped with EMDR?

EMDR is the most researched form of counseling for PTSD.  Its results have proven to be effective and long lasting. EMDR has also been successfully used to help clients with:

  • Grief and Loss
  • Anxiety
  • Fears and Phobias
  • Adult and Childhood Trauma
  • Disturbing Memories
  • Depression
  • Stress Reduction
  • Sexual Abuse

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How Does EMDR Help
to Resolve Problems?

When we process strong emotional events or feelings, our brain stores this painful information in our normal memory system.  Then, when we reprocess these memories, we can ideally do this without experiencing major stress.

However, there are instances in which the brain becomes overwhelmed and we’re unable to appropriately allow these memories to resurface.  Problems seem to become “frozen” in our minds, and the painful images, thoughts and feelings associated with the event seem to be “locked” in the nervous system, often out of conscious awareness. These memories then have a lasting negative effect on our emotional and interpersonal functioning in the world.

EMDR helps to unlock painful and negative memories, and helps the brain to more effectively reprocess old information so that it becomes less debilitating. The use of bilateral stimulation of the brain via eye movements and sound allows for the return of normal reprocessing so that images, sounds, thoughts, and feelings can be experienced without undue upset and disorganization.

What Happens In EMDR Counseling?

Your counselor will ask you to identify a specific problem, then ask you to tap into your senses and think of the thoughts you have about the problem.  Your counselor will initiate a set of eye movements as you continue to focus on the problem.  During this process, you may feel intense emotions.  The eye movements will continue until the memory becomes less disturbing and you begin to associate more accurate and positive thoughts about you.  For example, “I did the best I could,” instead of, “I’m to blame.”  By the end of the session, you will most likely report feeling a significant reduction in the level of disturbance.  An individual’s experiences during EMDR treatment is unique due to each person’s life’s circumstances, and the amount of previous trauma that was endured.


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Contact us to schedule your appointment with our EMDR counselor, Maya Arth.  Maya provides counseling services to Virginia residents.  Her counseling sessions qualify for reimbursement under most insurance plans (Anthem, CareFirst, United Healthcare, etc.) as an out-of-network provider, which allows you to apply for reimbursement using the monthly billing statement provided to you.