Maya Arth, LPC

Maya Arth, LPC

Greetings! My name is Maya and I am a Licensed Professional Counselor whose goal is to empower individuals and couples in building authentic and thriving lives. I have an undergraduate degree in Social Sciences with a minor in Women and Gender Studies. My graduate degree is in Mental Health Counseling with a certification in Marriage and Family Therapy.

In my work, I use techniques from cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), dialectic behavioral therapy (DBT) and Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction. I am passionate about helping people heal from traumatic experiences, learn new ways to cope with stress and establish healthier patterns of relating to self and others. I have EMDR training focusing on resolving trauma and healing attachment wounds. I also have advanced EMDR training in the area of Ego State Therapy and Structural Dissociation. I approach concerns from a mind/body perspective in order to improve understanding and resolution of symptoms.

As a mother of a nearly 18-year old, I have first-hand experience with the challenges of parenthood throughout all ages. My goal is to help new parents develop a greater understanding of the constant changes inherent in the process of raising children and build a toolbox of skills to navigate it skillfully. I especially love working with moms who are dealing with perinatal mood/anxiety symptoms or traumatic births, as often they are the ones who bear the brunt of those perplexing and overwhelming early times.

My approach is non-judgmental and nurturing. I view therapy as a collaborative journey in which my role is to create a healing space for you to find your inner wisdom, process feelings of unworthiness and restore a sense of safety and competence. I am here to be a witness to your growth in developing self-compassion and embracing change.

​No matter how difficult life seems now, I can help you reclaim your strength!


Hours: Evenings & Saturdays         Postpartum Support International

Office: Arlington, Virginia

​Investment: Individual 60-min Session: $150
Couples:  90-min intake $190, 60-min Follow-up $165


​Credentials: Virginia #: 0701007951

​Phone: (703) 772-5097, ext. 501 Client Portal


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