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Pregnancy Loss

Pregnancy Loss

Are you heartbroken after a miscarriage? Stillbirth?  Do you feel overwhelmed by sadness while you watch your partner and family move on? Have you wondered why it hurts so much when you never even had the chance to hold your baby much less get to know their little personality?

From the moment you began to accept your pregnancy, you felt a connection to your child.  To you, your child was very, very real already.  Perhaps you became pregnant after a long battle with fertility.  Or maybe the pregnancy was unplanned and you considered not keeping the baby at first.  Or maybe you and your partner wanted to add just one more child to your family.  However you became pregnant, the moment you started to believe you would someday hold that infant in your arms, you were their mom.

You may have lost your child during pregnancy, but you still lost your child.  All of your hopes and dreams for that baby were taken and it hurts.

Your friends and family may not understand your grief after miscarriage. This can lead to more isolation and sorrow. The counselors at Postpartum Wellness have received specialized training to support mothers. Regardless of whether you have experienced a miscarriage, stillbirth, newborn death, or are pregnant following a loss we are here for you.


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Do I need therapy after pregnancy loss?

It’s heartbreaking to lose a child at any point. And you may feel completely alone in your pain. However, miscarriage in particular s more common than most people think think. Losing a baby is difficult whether you have a miscarriage at 4 weeks or have a stillbirth. Once you are pregnant and have accepted this, attachment begins. You found yourself dreaming of who this child might be. Now you have an empty space where this infant should be.

You might feel stunned or shocked after the loss. You might be asking, “Why me?” There might be guilt that you did or didn’t do something to cause your pregnancy to end. You might feel cheated and angry after your miscarriage. Or feelings of sadness might take hold as you come to terms with the baby that will never be. These emotions are all normal reactions to pregnancy loss.

Perhaps your partner is moving on and doesn’t understand why you can’t. Your experience is valid and we at Postpartum Wellness are here to support you. Surviving the pain of pregnancy loss is possible. In fact, many women go on to have successful pregnancies. You may never forget this child, but you can find hope and healing and we can help.

Tips for Coping with Miscarriage.

To help get you through this difficult time, try some of these ideas:

  • Turn to loved ones and friends for support. Share your feelings and ask for help when you need it.
  • Talk to your partner about your loss. Keep in mind that people cope with loss in different ways.

  • Take care of yourself. Eating healthy foods, keeping active, and getting enough sleep will help restore energy and well-being.

  • Join a support group. A support group might help you to feel less alone.

  • Do something in remembrance of your baby.

  • Seek help from a grief counselor, especially if your grief doesn’t ease with time.

Should you try to get pregnant after
miscarriage or stillbirth?

Give yourself plenty of time to cope with your miscarriage. It could take a few months or years. Once you and your partner are ready to try again, confirm with your doctor that your body is ready for pregnancy.  Following a miscarriage, most healthy women do not need to wait before trying to conceive again. You might worry that pregnancy loss could happen again. But take heart in knowing that most women who have gone through pregnancy loss go on to have healthy babies.

Miscarriage Support in Florida, Virginia, Maryland, and DC

You have experienced pregnancy loss and find yourself wondering what is next. Is there hope beyond this pain? The good news is you can find healing from miscarriage and move forward. While the pain may never go away, you can learn to find peace after pregnancy loss.

How do I begin counseling for Pregnancy Loss at Postpartum Wellness?

Counseling for miscarriage and pregnancy loss works! To begin therapy and find support as you grieve the loss of your pregnancy, follow these three easy steps:

  1. Contact us today to schedule your appointment.

  2. Take part in an intake interview so we can identify how best to help you

  3. Begin to find healing after the loss of a pregnancy!

We call our practice Postpartum Wellness for a reason.

We started this practice because we are passionate about providing a safe and caring space for women surrounding pregnancy. The struggle that many women experience impacts their relationships with those in their life. Society needs to recognize the shame and stigma around pregnancy and postpartum stress – and we want to be part of that change.


Grieving couples from pregnancy loss in Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, DC

Other Services at Postpartum Wellness

We love working with Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, DC women in all stages of pregnancy or as they deal with miscarriage in the comfort of any of our Arlington, Virginia office.  We often work together in collaboration with your primary care physician to ensure your success, as well as to provide medication options for addressing issues with chemical imbalances if relevant.. Online Counseling is also available.  Whether you are in the first trimester or third we are here to support you! We work with women who are dealing with a variety of issues. Some of these include postpartum depression counseling, postpartum anxiety treatment, high risk pregnancies, and support for postpartum PTSD. We look forward to working with you as you navigate motherhood.

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