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Planners for Moms

Planners for Moms

Self-Care Planners for:

  • Stay-at-Home Moms
  • Working Moms
  • Moms who Work From Home



Planning for motherhood at Postpartum Wellness in Arlington, VA.

Shannon LeVan
Self-Care Alignment Consultant

I am a Mom of 4, Self-Care Alignment Consultant and the owner of Buzy Moms. I teach moms the 6 self-care essentials: self-love, health and nutrition, mental health, beauty, spirituality, and community and how to create a self-care plan. The best way to incorporate your self-care plan is by using the Buzy Moms Planner system. The Buzy Moms Planner is totally customizable and designed to fit your needs. What’s unique is that it includes space each week and each month to think about your self-care. This planner is ever evolving and there are always new templates to help you stay organized. I primarily use the discbound system, which allows you to remove and add pages to your planner when you need to. Click here┬áto get started customizing your self-care planner today!


For additional questions, contact me at:

(240) 233-4213
FB/IG: Buzymoms