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Parenting & Thriving: A Workshop for Couples…You’re In!


By joining us at our transformative workshop, you and your partner will gain insights, strategies, and tools to strengthen both your relationship and your parenting collaboration.



You are closer to…

Discovering the secrets to creating a harmonious and resilient family unit and

Balancing the dynamics of parenthood and partnership


What To Expect

• Uncover the art of effective communication as you and your partner learn to express yourselves openly, actively listen, and understand each other’s perspectives. Through guided activities and communication exercises, you’ll discover new ways to bridge gaps and cultivate genuine connections. Learn effective communication techniques that allow you to support each other’s roles and decisions, fostering a united front for your children.

• Our expert facilitator will guide you through discussions on fostering closeness, emotional vulnerability, and ways to keep or regain intimacy.

• Every relationship, especially while parenting, encounters hurdles; our workshop equips you with valuable tools to tackle them together. Learn conflict resolution strategies, problem-solving techniques, and how to navigate disagreements in a healthy and
constructive manner.

• Escape the distractions and immerse yourselves in a workshop focused on each other. Engage in guided activities and intimate conversations that encourage you to rediscover the qualities that make your relationship unique.

• Invest in the longevity of your love by attending the “Parenting & Thriving” workshop. Whether you’re starting a new chapter together or rekindling the flames of a long-term relationship, this workshop promises to be a pivotal moment in your journey as a couple.


Erin Methany at Postpartum Wellness in Maryland and VirginiaErin Metheny, LMFT

I am a mother of two children and a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with a passion to help families to thrive.  I have over 10 years of experience providing couples counseling and relationship workshops for couples.  I have advanced training in Emotionally Focused Therapy for working with couples or EFT.  I have a strong understanding of attachment and connection and a desire to help individuals find their way to closeness and reconnection, especially while they are raising children.

When I became a mom and recovered from postpartum depression and sleep deprivation, I knew I wanted to help more families become rested, healthy, and happy.  I became certified as a pediatric sleep consultant in order to change the lives of more families by providing them with the right tools and compassion needed to become well rested.  Working together means that you will have a guide and a friend to walk alongside you during the challenging times and to celebrate with you during your successes.