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New Mom In Richmond, VA

New Mom In Richmond, VA

Online Therapy for Moms


You knew that being a new mom in Richmond, VA was going to be hard!

The moms in Midlothian, Mechanicsville, and Glen Allen all experience less sleep with their new babies.  The moms in Chesterfield and Henrico all change diapers and spit-up.

So, why didn’t anyone tell you how to use the bathroom after delivery?  Why don’t moms talk about how distant their partners are after baby is brought home?  Why do you feel like you don’t know what you’re doing?  Do other moms feel so alone?


Do You Think You Have
Postpartum Depression or Anxiety?

If So, What You’re Feeling
Is VERY Treatable!


All of the counselors at Postpartum Wellness are mothers and we know how to bring you back to your old self, where you were confident, happy, and hopeful.

You’re Not Alone!

Your counselor will really listen to you.  She will bring you closer to your partner, so that you can get the help you’re looking for at home.  She will help you find the answers you’re looking for!


Good Moms in Richmond, VA


Getting Started With Online Counseling Is Easy:

  • Click here to schedule a free phone call with our Administrative Assistant, Kim Whalen.
  • She will match you with the best-fit therapist, then send you the intake forms for you to complete.
  • Your counselor will send you the link to access your private online counseling session.



The expert counselors at Postpartum Wellness specialize in treating women as they transition into motherhood.  You will feel confident knowing that you are meeting with the best therapists in Virginia!

  • We accept the following insurance: Magellan Health and United Healthcare
  • If we do not accept your insurance, the costs range from $99-$150 (depending on the therapist) per session for individuals and $175 per session for couples.

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