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Home Based Counseling

Home Based Counseling

What is Home Based Counseling?

Home-based counseling is also called home-based therapy or in-home therapy. It takes place when a therapist provides counseling in a person’s home. Home-based therapy has helped many new mothers throughout Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, DC reach their treatment goals.

Home-based counseling takes place at the new mother’s home rather than in an office. It can help new mothers during their transition into motherhood because they do not have to pack up the various baby supplies and travel to their counselor’s office.

What to Expect in Home Based Counseling?

Home-based counseling is usually provided at the kitchen table or in a living room. You might also feel more comfortable on your porch or deck. The ability to see a home environment and observe how people use their space can help therapists build good connections quickly. This personalized approach may not be as easy to achieve in an office.

Home-based therapy sessions typically take place at your home. But, they may also be held in other locations. You and your counselor can decide to have sessions in the park or discuss treatment during a walk, such as on the Billy Goat Trail .

​If you think home-based therapy is right for you, contact Postpartum Wellness to find out how to proceed. Choosing when and how often in-home counseling sessions will occur depends on what works for you and your counselor. Home-based counseling can be used occasionally, as a supplement to office sessions, or as your main approach.

home based counseling in Virginia and Maryland

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We are here for you!

Postpartum Wellness provides in-home counseling for perinatal and postnatal depression and anxiety for women within the Washington, DC region because we believe in the healing power of connection.

Our services are designed to incorporate the latest research while offering relational, compassionate and solution-focused treatment. Treatment draws directly from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy as well as Interpersonal Therapy to provide you with a holistic approach to healing.

Each session is completely confidential. We often work together in collaboration with your primary care physician to ensure your success, as well as to provide medication options for addressing issues with chemical imbalances if relevant.

The initial session is called the “intake interview,” which involves a thorough review of your life story and current situation. This allows us to accurately pinpoint the problem and collaborate on a plan moving forward. From there, we meet for regular individual therapy sessions – which is where the real work begins.

As you begin counseling for perinatal depression or anxiety, you can learn to:

  • Understand your thought patterns
  • Gain new insight and perspective
  • Reshape unhelpful ways of thinking
  • Accept life’s uncontrollable stressors
  • Be curious and open
  • Regain a sense of control and confidence
  • Use personally-tailored coping strategies that actually work

We call our practice Postpartum Wellness for a reason.

We started this practice because we are passionate about providing a safe and caring space for women to process their pregnancy and postpartum experiences. The silent struggle that many women experience impacts their relationships with self, partner, friends, family, colleagues, and the rest of society. The shame and stigma around pregnancy and postpartum stress needs to be recognized – and we want to be part of that change.

If you or a loved one is struggling with depression, anxiety, or other issues, let us help. Contact us today to get started on your wellness journey.


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​Home based counseling is available in:

  • Maryland counties: Carroll, Frederick, Howard, Montgomery, and Washington
  • Virginia counties: Arlington, Fairfax, Prince William


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