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Counseling In Maryland

Counseling In Maryland

Why do the other mothers make being a mom look so easy?

You dream of happily pushing your stroller at the National Harbor in Baltimore or visiting small shops in Annapolis.  What about spending a beautiful afternoon at Bethesda Row or the Rio Waterfront?  Once coronavirus social distancing restrictions are lifted and you feel comfortable with leaving your home, you want to be one of those moms that’s succeeding with motherhood!

Basically, you want to do everything “right” and you just don’t know where to start!



Counseling Can Help

When you meet with one of our therapists, you will have a confidential space to share your thoughts, feelings, worries, disappointments, and anything else you want to share with an expert who will be familiar with your experiences because all the counselors at Postpartum Wellness are also mothers.  When you meet with your counselor, she will actively listen to how your thoughts are related to your moods and behaviors.  And, it is with this insight that you’ll be able to make the changes you want in your life a reality.

Specialized Mental Health Support For Moms

Our counselors meet with women that experience the following life transitions:

Our Maryland Therapists Are Here To Help

Our Maryland therapists are board-approved clinicians.  They met years ago, when providing counseling services to pregnant and new moms at a local hospital.  Their professional experiences, numerous hours of formal training and education, in addition to being mothers themselves, make them experts in providing the best support to women throughout Maryland!  Whether your struggle relates to infertility, an unplanned pregnancy, a complicated or high risk pregnancy, traumatic birth, or pregnancy loss, our therapists are eager to meet with you to help develop a plan to make life less overwhelming.

Moms Deserve Help Too

Self-care?  You’ve heard about it, but don’t have time for  it.  You’re too busy taking care of your baby or children, house work, family relationships, and maybe even a full-time job outside of the home.  Well, we’re almost certain that all those other people greatly appreciate the attention you give them.  We want you to believe that you deserve support too!  We know that it’ll take some time for you to genuinely and wholeheartedly believe that.  We will walk alongside with you, cheer you on, help you get past the road blocks when they suddenly appear, and make sure that you do not feel any guilt about putting on your oxygen mask on first before helping someone else.

Conveniently Located Online

If you prefer to meet in-person, please plan to meet with your Maryland-licensed therapist at our Arlington, Virginia office.

Begin Working With Our Maryland Therapists

It is very easy to schedule your appointment!  Click here to identify the best date and time for us to call you.  We will answer your questions and match you with the best-fit therapist for your needs.

Shortly after you are scheduled for your first appointment, we will email you the intake forms for you to complete.  Please make sure the forms are returned to us before your appointment, in order to maximize your session time with your therapist.