In 2023, Postpartum Wellness has an excellent opportunity for Social Workers (MSW graduates) to provide therapeutic services to pregnant and postpartum women throughout Virginia while obtaining clinical supervision towards professional licensure. To qualify applicants must have their Masters Degree in Social Work.  Experience working with individuals, families and children or Family Systems Theory preferred.

Postpartum Wellness is a rapidly growing group counseling practice that provides maternal mental health services throughout Virginia, Maryland, Washington, DC, and Florida.  We support women, their partners, and family members while trying to conceive, during pregnancy loss, depression or anxiety during/after pregnancy, and birth trauma.  Our dedicated team of clinicians strive to empower women during their transitions into motherhood.

The supervisor-supervisee relationship is a unique one, in which there is openness and trust on both sides. 

Postpartum Wellness provides clinical supervision for MSW graduates seeking their hours toward licensure in Virginia.  Supervision is an ongoing and evolving process to enhance clinical and professional skills, knowledge, and attitudes. Emphasis is placed on mastering competency in clinical skills and increasing your identity as a Clinical Social Worker.  Knowing that each person’s learning style is unique, we offer diverse supervision styles that merges drawing on the psychodynamic and attachment models, cognitive-behavioral model, relational and developmental models.

*Telephone screening interviews will be held in December 2022 and panel interviews will be held in January 2023.


About the 2023 Postpartum Wellness Social Work Supervisee Program

The Postpartum Wellness Social Work Supervisee Program is a mentored professional experience that begins AFTER the conferral of a Master’s degree from an approved program in social work.  The goal of the program is to allow social work graduates to transition between being a student enrolled in a graduate-degree program and being an independent clinical social worker.

The purpose of the Postpartum Wellness Social Work Supervisee Program is to integrate and apply the knowledge from academic education and clinical training, evaluate strengths and identify limitations, develop and refine clinical skills consistent with the National Association of Social Workers Code of Ethics, and advance the Supervisee from needing constant supervision to being an independent practitioner.

Duration of the Postpartum Wellness Social Work Supervisee Program Experience

The Postpartum Wellness Social Work Supervisee Program experience is a minimum of 1,650 hours and a minimum of 104 weeks of part-time experience.  Applicants will complete this experience in one location with one licensed supervisor in a part-time setting.

The Postpartum Wellness Social Work Supervisee Program experience is divided into two equal segments and each segment represents one-half of the total experience, which is approximately 800 hours per segment.

Part-time is considered a minimum of 16 hours per week for 104 weeks, for a total of 1,664 hours. Working more than 16 hours per week will not shorten the length of the Postpartum Wellness Social Work Supervisee Program experience; however, working fewer than 16 hours per week will extend the number of weeks required to reach 1,650 hours.  Supervisees are expected to be physically located in the Tysons Corner, Virginia office in person at least 5 hours per week.

Travel, lunch, vacations/holidays, leaves of absence, and other forms of paid or unpaid time off cannot be counted in your number of hours worked per week.

Eighty percent of the Supervisee’s work week must be spent in direct clinical contact related to the treatment of maternal mental health disorders.  Examples of direct clinical contact include the following:

  • Manage referrals and intakes of potential clients to the Counseling Center.
  • Provide assessment, diagnosis and ongoing treatment to clients in individual sessions, couples sessions, and/or group therapy.
  • Plan and assess treatment in accordance with professional standards.
  • Document relevant facts, findings, and observations about a patient’s past and present illnesses, examinations, tests, treatments, and outcomes.
  • Develop and maintain case load, schedule, and appointments.
  • Maintain client files to include an assessment, impression, diagnosis and plan of care or goals. Must document the client’s progress, response to changes in treatment, and any revision of diagnosis.
  • Develop new referral sources and maintain positive professional relationships with established referral sources.
  • Collaborate with other service providers as needed for the treatment and continuity of care of the clients.
  • Complete data gathering, reporting, and program evaluation activities as assigned.
  • Perform special projects as assigned.

Twenty percent of the work week may be spent doing ancillary activities such as providing trainings and presentations, community outreach, and administrative tasks.

As a Social Work Supervisee, you are required to complete your part-time clinical experience with us within 4 years (48 months) or less from the date you began.

Social Work Supervisee


The Postpartum Wellness Social Work Supervisee Program experience may be started only after an individual has been conferred with their Master’s degree in social work from an approved program.  Professional experiences prior to the completion of a Master’s degree in social work may not be used or applied toward your Supervisee experience.


    • Commitment to Postpartum Wellness’ mission, vision, values, and programs with ability to convey that information.
    • Represent private practice in a professional and favorable manner.
    • Respect for diversity and inclusion.
    • Ability to effectively communicate in written and verbal communications.
    • Ability to work independently, organize work efficiently, prioritize work and take initiative.
    • Ability to keep accurate, timely, and organized records using an Electronic Medical Record.
    • Ability to interact in a positive manner in person, through email, and on the phone.
    • Ability to develop productive relationships with clients, families, other professionals, and volunteers.
    • Ability to conduct educational programs and/or support groups of all sizes.
    • Ability to make constructive use of supervision.


Before beginning the Postpartum Wellness Social Work Supervisee Program, it is important that you Register for Supervision with the Virginia Board of Social Work.

As a Social Work Supervisee, you must do the following:

  • The supervisee will read, understand and intend to comply with the Regulations Governing the Practice of Social Work in Virginia.
  • The supervisee will establish and execute a supervisory contract for supervision before beginning to provide clinical social work services as a supervisee in social work and before counting hours toward LCSW licensure.
  • The supervisee will participate in supervision with a goal of increasing competency in clinical practice and attend supervision on the agreed upon basis.
  • The supervisee will be prepared to discuss with the supervisor the diagnosis/case conceptualization and treatment of each client as well as problems in the supervisee’s clinical milieu.
  • The supervisee will provide samples of diagnostic assessments and treatment plans which are representative of the variables of gender, age, diagnosis, length of treatment and treatment method within the client population seen by the supervisee.
  • The supervisee will avoid engaging in activity for which the supervisee lacks competency, training, education, supervision and which may compromise client safety and wellbeing.
  • The supervisee will refrain from representing himself or herself as an independent, autonomous practitioner or licensed clinical social worker.
  • The supervisee will not directly bill for services rendered.
  • The supervisee, during the supervised experience, will use their names and the initials of their degree, and the title “Supervisee in Social Work” in all written communications.
  • Supervisees will inform clients in writing of the supervisee’s status and the supervisor’s name, professional address, and phone number
  • The supervisee will not supervise the provision of clinical social work services provided by another person.
  • The supervisee will remain up-to-date on the changes related to the Regulations Governing the Practice of Social Work.
  • The supervisee will reach out to the supervisor outside of scheduled supervision to consult or in emergency situations, as needed.
  • The supervisee will ensure that supervision occurs a minimum of one hour and a maximum of four per 40 hours of work experience during the supervised experience.


Candidates of the Postpartum Wellness Social Work Supervisee Program will receive a $500 monthly living stipend during the initial one-half segment of the program.  Upon successful completion of the initial program segment and superior performance, the monthly living stipend will increase to $750 per month for the duration of the second one-half segment of the program.  While there is no guarantee of employment with Postpartum Wellness upon completion of the 104 week program, Supervisees will be eligible to receive a one-time $1000 sign-on bonus if an employment offer with Postpartum Wellness is extended and accepted.

Completion of the Postpartum Wellness Social Work Supervisee Program

A complete Supervisee experience must have

  1. a minimum of 1,650 hours of clinical experience working under the supervision of a licensed clinical social worker;
  2. a minimum of 104 weeks of clinical experience working under the supervision of a licensed clinical social worker;
  3. a minimum of 52 hours of direct individual and/or group supervision completed during each segment of the program;
  4. all hours/segments recommended by a licensed clinical social worker in order to count toward the clinical supervisee experience;
  5. completion of exit interview and/or survey at culmination of the program.

In all cases, applicants should follow company and/or state policies and procedures regarding the clinical practice of social work in Virginia while under Supervisee status.

Apply for the Postpartum Wellness Social Work Supervisee Program

As a MSW graduate of an approved program of social work, you may apply to the Postpartum Wellness Social Work Supervisee Program at any time. It is not necessary to wait until you have received approval from the Virginia Board of Social Work to apply for the Postpartum Wellness Social Work Supervisee Program.

*Telephone screening interviews will be held in December 2022 and panel interviews will be held in January 2023.



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