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Class: Daddy Boot Camp

Class: Daddy Boot Camp

We’ll Get You Ready!


Don’t miss this class for new dads.

What does the the transition to fatherhood feel like?

What “must” I know before my baby arrives?



Here’s your crash course for dads-to-be!

  • You’ll gain a deeper understanding of what your partner is going through and how to support her.
  • You’ll develop a partnership with baby’s mom.
  • You’ll feel confident about your fatherhood abilities from day one.
  • You’ll master strategies to handle baby’s crying.
  • You’ll learn to be the father you dream about.
  • You’ll bond with your baby before arrival.






The live 2-hour interactive workshop in Tysons Corner, Virginia is

$75 for each dad-to-be.


All of our 2021 classes are full.  Sign-up for your 2022 class today.