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Recognizing the Signs of Postpartum Depression and Getting Help

Women’s Issues

Recognizing the Signs of Postpartum Depression and Getting Help

The birth of a child is a wondrous and glorious thing. Until you bring that baby home and are responsible for keeping it alive on zero sleep for weeks and weeks. Add to this already trying scenario is the hormonal cocktail the new mother is living with and you understand why some new mothers don’t feel so blissful.While it’s normal...[ read more ]

Why Setting a Strong Female Role Model is Important for Your Daughter

Every Halloween, little girls all over the country choose costumes that reflect what they want to be when they grow up. And each year we see many girls choosing to dress as princesses and fairies, kitty cats and maybe the odd super hero. Rarely do we see young girls dressing as executives, scientists, or world leaders.It can seem benign enough,...[ read more ]

3 Steps to Self-Compassion

“God, you can be so stupid sometimes.”“Why would he be attracted to YOU?”“You’re just going to screw this up.”These are things you would probably never say to another human being unless you’re a real jerk. But how many of us have that inner critic that says these kinds of things all the time.Most of us treat ourselves far more harshly...[ read more ]

How to Prevent Gestational Diabetes

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Gestational diabetes is a short-term condition that occurs during pregnancy. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, gestational diabetes affects roughly 2% to 10% of pregnancies in the United States. Women with gestational diabetes have higher-than-normal blood sugar levels during pregnancy.There are pregnancy complications associated with gestational diabetes. One of the most serious is called preeclampsia, which can...[ read more ]

Chiropractic Care for Expectant Mothers

Having children is one of the greatest gifts and joys in life. However, carrying those children for 9 months can sometimes really be a pain. Literally!Pregnant women deal with a variety of aches and pains leading up to their delivery date. They often must contend with back pain, hip pain, pelvic pain, and headaches. While some women simply grin and...[ read more ]

How to Help a Loved One After a Miscarriage

News of pregnancy always comes with mixed emotions. For most couples, there is immediate joy, but that joy is also usually mixed with a bit of worry. And this worry isn’t for nothing as, sadly, one in four pregnancies will end in miscarriage.While miscarriages are all-too-common, it doesn’t make dealing with grief and sadness any easier for anyone involved. It...[ read more ]

Does Therapy for “Baby Blues” Work?

Having a baby is one of the most amazing and awesome events in a person’s life. Babies bring joy and laughter into the house. But the reality is, they also bring sleepless nights and inevitable and irreversible change. Having a baby also brings changes to a woman’s body. During pregnancy and right after, a woman will experience shifts in her...[ read more ]

Tips For Making Friends At Work

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Friendships In The Workplace When we’re school aged, it’s easy to make friends. But as adults, women can sometimes feel on-guard around other women, especially in the workplace, and friendships can be harder to foster. Not only does this lack of friendship make going to work each day feel more challenging, but studies have found friendships, or a lack of...[ read more ]

Are You Married to a Narcissist?

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When you met your spouse, did it seem like love at first sight? Was there a familiarity to them and a feeling that you were somehow drawn to them? Soon after you said “I do,” did they begin to change? Were they giving you less attention and making everything about them? Did they show fits of rage or suddenly start...[ read more ]