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Postpartum Urinary Incontinence


Postpartum Urinary Incontinence

ITR Physical Therapy urinary incontinence

Do you cross your legs tightly when someone starts to tell a joke? Do you wear pads or panty liners to catch little dribbles? Do you get up in the middle of the night to pee? Perhaps you find having a bowel movement is not as easy as it used to be or maybe you find yourself feeling pain down...[ read more ]

Silver Lining

Help after coronavirus in bethesda, md

It has been weeks of social distancing and it can still feel unreal. This time a few months ago, it would have been considered rude to stand 6 feet away from someone while waiting in a line, or for your food delivery driver to sit your food at the door and walk away. Never could we have imagined that every...[ read more ]

Who Wouldn’t Want Their Own Personal Cheerleader?

Counseling for postpartum depression is available at Postpartum Wellness in Arlington, VA

Motherhood comes with a range of changes both physical and emotional. It is an exciting and challenging time. You have this new bundle of joy that requires all of your attention and care, not to mention lack of sleep, changes in friendships and other relationships, anxiety, guilt, and the dilemmas surrounding career and family. While it might feel overwhelming to...[ read more ]

Too Many Choices: Breast, Formula, Work, SAHM, Daycare?

Mom holding a baby, looking shamed as a bunch of fingers point at her from every direction. Postpartum wellness counseling can help new parents feel confident and calm about their parenting choices in Northern Virginia - therapist for women in Reston, va - counseling after perinatal complications northern Virginia

Wow. Our world is more complicated every single day. We’re all too busy. And, no. It has not always been this way. We live in a time of unprecedented access to information and expertise. While this sounds like a great thing, it can be detrimental to new parents. What are you supposed to do? Who are you supposed to listen...[ read more ]

It’s Complicated: How To Deal With Relationship Changes After Baby’s Arrival

People on a rollercoaster, headed into a dark tunnel. Just like the rollercoaster of emotions you may be experiencing as a new parent! Postpartum Wellness - therapist in Reston, VA - Northern Virginia Counseling

Baby is here! The busy time in the hospital, or with your midwife, is over. You are over the moon that your sweet baby is happy and healthy. As a couple, you've never been more in love. Now that you're home, things should get smoother and easier, right? While Simple, Taking Care of a New Baby is NOT Always Easy...[ read more ]

Am I Dealing With Baby Blues or Postpartum Depression?

Newborn Baby, snuggled and sleeping on beige fuzzy carpet. Our maternal mental health therapists offer postpartum support in Northern Virginia and Fairfax county to help you and your baby thrive!

“Everyone experiences this, right?”, “It’s totally normal to feel a little down after having a baby.”, and “...maybe I’m just going crazy.” Yes. I know. We’ve heard all of those sentiments and SO many more. Is it normal? Absolutely. Especially during the first couple weeks after the baby is born. In fact, the majority of women will have symptoms of...[ read more ]

Hiring Help for Postpartum

Close up photo of parent holding a sleeping newborn baby in a blanket. Postpartum planning and preparation is key to a happy family after baby is born.

You’ve never been busier, have you? Whether you are pregnant or have just celebrated the birth of your new baby, this is often an overwhelming and busy time. Parties, plans, classes and more…we do all of this when we are preparing for a baby’s birth, but there is very little planning and preparation done in advance for the postpartum months....[ read more ]

Ten Signs It’s Time to Seek Therapy for Postpartum Depression

Photo focused on a woman who with her hand on her head and eyes closed, wearing ripped jeans and a plaid shirt, sitting in the living room with her baby playing near her. Postpartum depression and anxiety can be treated with help from our Northern Virginia women's mental health therapists.

You just had a baby. Everyone is oOo-ing and aww-ing over that sweet little bundle and asking you a million questions. You are sleep deprived. You’re hungry. Plus, you’re covered in sweat, spit up and not sure when you showered last. Perhaps, your baby is turning a year old soon! But, you have no idea why you can’t seem to...[ read more ]

Community Solutions For Motherhood

Becoming a mother fulfills a woman’s identity. Or, does it? Traditional American family values look to mothers to provide nurturing, guidance, and growth to the family unit, whether they are stay-at-home mothers or working mothers. Juggling personal and family relationships while keeping the house tidy, making sure children have clean clothes, and attending pediatric medical appointments, oftentimes contribute to mothers...[ read more ]

5 Ways to Support a Friend Through Pregnancy Loss

therapy after a miscarriage, infertility counseling and postpartum depression | Arlington and McLean, VA 22202

Your friend or family member lost a baby. Maybe the loss was a miscarriage or perhaps it a stillbirth. The bottom line is that the precious infant your friend was supposed to bring home, love on and raise isn't coming home. From the moment they accepted in their heart that this baby would be part of their family, they envisioned...[ read more ]