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Baby Sleep

Baby Sleep

Infant Sleep Expert

Ready for a good night's sleep?

IT'S 3 A.M. and your baby is crying. Should you pick her up from her crib and rock her? Let her cry but check on her? Feed her? An infant sleep coach would know what to do. These 21st-century experts help parents get their babies into a healthy sleep routine with custom plans, phone calls, and overnight stays.

​Reasons You Should Hire A Sleep Consultant

Your Kids are Up Several Times a Night | From about 6-months-old, most kids can and should be capable of sleeping a solid few hours each night, depending on their age. When children are awake, parents are too. This leads to many families doing whatever they can to get through the night and the next day with their sanity in-tact. Think about the last time you woke up from a broken night of sleep. How did you feel? Terrible right? Your kids feel the same way...and cannot express it.

Your Performance at Work is Suffering | All workplaces require focus and attention by their employees and sleep helps us do that. Lack of sleep can be a danger not only for yourself but for others. Don’t jeopardize what you have worked for to provide for your family.

Your Marriage is Suffering | Kids are HARD work. Working full-time, caring for a house, kids, coaching sports, managing everything that goes into it and still trying to find time for self-care and sleep, it’s tough. Many couples do a great job at splitting up responsibilities, communicating when they need help or when something is no longer working. Many couples try to have some alone time and schedule the occasional date night out, because it’s important to keep that connection. Someone once said, “Marriage is a highway with no exits. Sometimes you get a flat tire or the car breaks down. You just have to work together to repair it and keep moving.” A child sleeping in your bed or waking several times a night still may work for some families and that is a OK. If it’s working for you, then keep on at it. If it’s not working and you are noticing a struggle here, help is available and it can mend the suffering of your marriage and get your child resting.

​Take back control of your sleep and give your children that most amazing gift — sleep. It’s so crucial for them and for you.


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The expert counselors at Postpartum Wellness understand that there are many areas new or expecting moms throughout the DMV might be dealing with. We help with all aspects of the motherhood journey, whether you need therapy or just a little support before/after birth. Some of our specialties include prenatal massage, night nurses, NICU babies and preemies, postpartum depression counseling, infertility counseling, and postpartum anxiety treatment.

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