Navigating Parenthood with Your LGBTQIA Partner


Navigating Parenthood with Your LGBTQIA Partner

LGBTQIA couples in Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, DC find parenthood support at Postpartum Wellness.

The phrase "traditional family" no longer means one mom, one dad and two-point-five kids. Today’s families are diverse, with many lesbians and gay men forming a family unit through adoption, foster care, artificial insemination and other means. Research estimates that between six to 14 million children live with at least one gay parent in the United States alone. Though it is,...[ read more ]

3 Ways Individual Counseling Can Help Your Marriage

Postpartum anxiety treatment is in Arlington, VA and Bethesda, MD.

Even happily married couples throughout Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, DC can hit obstacles along the way. When this happens, couples can either go at it alone and try to work through their issues themselves, or they can seek the guidance of a trained and experienced couples counselor. While some couples feel their problems should be kept private, many more are...[ read more ]

3 Emotional Challenges of Being a Stay-at-Home Mom — And How to Overcome Them!

Postpartum psychosis is an emergency and requires immediate attention. Call us today!

Being a stay-at-home mom in Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, DC can be very rewarding, but also incredibly challenging. There’s the guilt about not bringing home a paycheck combined with, at times, significant loneliness. If you’ve ever felt joy when a salesman shows up unannounced at your front door, you know what I’m talking about! OMG! An adult to talk to...[ read more ]

Coping with Working from Home During COVID-19 – Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, DC

Expert counselors support mothers through coronavirus and teleworking while caring for their kids at home.

How many mornings have you shut off that alarm, wishing you could just work from home in your PJs? Well now many of us are getting our wish thanks to coronavirus (COVID-19). While in theory working from home may seem ideal, the reality for many of us is that it’s, well, kind of a pain. Particularly if you have young...[ read more ]

Post-Baby Disconnect? 3 Ways to Stay More Connected After Having a Baby

New Parents in Arlington, VA receive help from counselors at Postpartum Wellness

No matter how many times they were warned, few new parents are prepared for the life-changing event of the birth of their first child.  This is even more so in Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, DC!   No more sleeping in on Saturday, then heading to your favorite restaurant for brunch with friends. These leisurely activities are replaced with sleepless nights and...[ read more ]

Why Did I Feel Fine Yesterday? The Causes of Depression

Postpartum depression is treatable with the counselors at Postpartum Wellness in Arlington, VA

With 322 million people suffering with depression worldwide, it's not surprising to learn that in America, depression is among the most common mental disorders. The cause of depression is often simplified as a chemical imbalance in the brain, but the reality is that the disease is far more complicated. Scientific research has yet to completely understand the biology of depression....[ read more ]

Are You Married to a Narcissist?

Couples counseling in Arlington, VA.

When you met your spouse, did it seem like love at first sight? Was there a familiarity to them and a feeling that you were somehow drawn to them? Soon after you said “I do,” did they begin to change? Were they giving you less attention and making everything about them? Did they show fits of rage or suddenly start...[ read more ]

Helping Kids Cope with Loss

Pregnancy loss is treated at Postpartum Wellness in Arlington, VA.

Parents do their best to shield their children from the harsh realities of the world. But as much of an effort as they put in, parents can’t always protect their children from experiencing the pain of loss. Whether it’s the loss of a beloved pet, a childhood friend, or the loss of a sibling, young children are often unequipped to...[ read more ]

It’s Okay to Take a Break! Tips for New Moms on Asking for Help

As a new mother, you’ve probably noticed that taking care of yourself and a new baby at the same time is next to impossible. How are you supposed to make sure you are getting what you need to thrive when you are on call 24/7, responsible for keeping a new human being alive and happy? It’s no wonder that so many new moms feel...[ read more ]

Do New Moms Struggle with Low Self-Esteem?

Having a child is one of life’s most incredible experiences. It is also one of the most challenging situations that come with mood swings and psychological changes. If you’re a new mother who has been experiencing low self-esteem, you’re not alone. A group of researchers recently took a look at why new mothers experience low self-esteem and dissatisfaction with their...[ read more ]
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